March/April 2021.

Welcome! The main focus of this website for the forseeable future will be the New Wave Discography. A continuous work in progress that documents records released in the United Kingdom during the punk and new wave era.

Below there's a playlist that includes audio samples sourced from vinyl which will be updated at regular intervals.

Current background photo - Freshies frontman Chris Sievey in 1979.

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'Tell Her I'm Ill' (MCA, 1981).

The late Chris Sievey is undoubtfully one of pop music's true mavericks. His band The Freshies moved seamlessly through the gears from haphazard DIY'ers to daytime radio releasing some wonderful records on the way. The next level was always going to be a step too much as you get the feeling that Chris might have viewed Top Of The Pops as a bit of an inconvience when there were video cassette inlays waiting to be cut and folded for his next vanity project. 99% of other bands would give there right arm for a song as good as 'Tell Her I'm Ill' but in typical nonchalant fashion The Freshies buried it on a B-side (twice!).

'Library Book' (Rip Off, 1979).

With Good Vibrations having the monopoly on Northern Ireland's young punk talent, the aptly named Rip Off Records had to make do with showband chancers and pub rock casualties. The Faders from Ballymoney belonged to the slightly less contrived latter category. More often than not there was something worthwhile on at least one side of a Rip Off 45 and The Faders deliver on the excellent 'Library Book'. This should have a printed brown paper bag sleeve but mine is missing having likely been recycled long ago by the clueless Lulu (not that one, surely?) who has also committed a further act of atrocity by defacing the label.

'She Makes Me Love Her (But She Don't Make It Easy)' (Zoom, 1978).

Edinburgh trio Nightshift released a total of 5 singles between 1978 and 1981, one of which ('Don't Rush The Good Things') was later covered by Tina Turner. The first two singles on Zoom Records have been a staple of cheap boxes locally for many years, in fact one ex record shop owner is still knocking out dead stock online for next to nothing. I've been as guilty as anyone of neglect with a recent catch up of rarely played 45's in my collection resulting in a 'how the hell did I miss that?' moment. Whoever decided that 'She Makes Me Love Her' should be the B-side has a lot to answer for!

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